Marc Quinn espresso cup 4

Illy art collection 2018
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illy art collection 2018 Marc Quinn espresso by Marc Quinn

illy art collection 2018 Marc Quinn espresso by Marc Quinn
About the Collection: Marc Quinn
IRIS AND THE BEAUTY OF BEING UNIQUE Six eyes portrayed individually in their uniqueness, enlarged to capture their most intimate essence: Marc Quinn has created the "Iris" collection to reveal all that goes beyond the gaze and reaches into the soul of our existence. The artwork "Iris" brings color into conceptual art, celebrating the relationship between art and science, the human body and the perception of bea
About the Artist: Marc Quinn
Marc Quinn (London, 8 January 1964) is a contemporary visual artist. An influential member of the Young British Artists movement in the 1990s, he has become one of the leading talents of his generation. Quinn explores "what it means to be a human being experiencing the world", addressing subjects such as the body, genetics, identity, the environment and the media. The artist's sculptures, paintings and drawings often deal with the relationship that we have with our bodies, highlighting how the conflict between "natural" and "cultural" have a great influence on the contemporary psyche. His work is to be found in major art collections around the globe.
Name collection: : Marc Quinn
Name artist: : Marc Quinn
Introduction year: : 2018
Manufacturer: : Ipa
Type: : Espresso
Number of cups in the series: : 6
Coppies: : ????
Inscription: : illy collection
Signed & numbered: : YES
Special edition: : NO
Other editions: : YES
Note: :