Emilio Pucci cappuccino - cup 1

Illy art collection 2016
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illy art collection 2016 Emilio Pucci cappuccino by Emilio Pucci

illy art collection 2016 Emilio Pucci cappuccino by Emilio Pucci
The latest chapter in illy’s revered Art Collection sees a very special collaboration with the Florentine fashion Maison, Emilio Pucci. Typically reserved for the world’s top contemporary artists, this new project represents illy’s very first partnership with a fashion label. Florence, Rome, Milan, New York, London and Paris: Emilio Pucci’s signature patterns have now been applied to a special collection of decorated coffee cups, featuring 6 “Cities of the World” prints, exclusive, hand drawn prints depicting scenes from global metropolises, including one designed by the Marquis Emilio Pucci in 1957. The story of Emilio Pucci’s “Cities of the World” prints begins in 1957 when the Marquis Emilio Pucci penned his now iconic Battistero illustration, a special drawing depicting Florence’s Piazza Santa Maria del Fiore shot with bright flashes of vibrant lemon yellow tangerine orange, “Emilio” pink and deep fuchsia. Originally produced for his chic silk twill scarves, the print was conceived as a portable postcard; a love letter to the Marquise’s hometown and a souvenir his clients could carry and treasure when they returned home. Roughly sketched and brightly colored, the original artwork embodies Pucci’s signature, undisputable style and became the blue print for the other cities which were subsequently hand-drawn by the atelier of the Maison. Each exclusive print faithfully replicates the architecture, landscape and charming details of its tribute city in a stylized way. Rome’s historic Spanish Steps and Coliseum, Paris’ famed Eiffel Tower, Milan’s soaring Duomo, London’s whizzing city streets and New York’s sky scrapers, are all interpreted in a uniquely Pucci way. Each city has been assigned two original color schematics from the Emilio Pucci palette, which are divided between the espresso and cappuccino cups, as well as their brightly patterned saucers. Available in a set of 6 espresso cups with saucers.
Name collection: : Emilio Pucci
Name artist: : Emilio Pucci
Introduction year: : 2016
Manufacturer: : Ipa
Type: : Cappuccino
Number of cups in the series: : 6
Coppies: : ????
Inscription: : illy collection
Signed & numbered: : YES
Special edition: : NO
Other editions: : YES
Note: :