Maurizio Galimberti espresso

Illy art collection 2017
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illy art collection 2017 Maurizio Galimberti espresso by Maurizio Galimberti

illy art collection 2017 Maurizio Galimberti espresso by Maurizio Galimberti

About the Artist :

The design for this edition was created by photographer Maurizio Galimberti, the “instant artist” who became famous through the use of his Polaroid mosaics, which fragment his subjects in snapshots taken from different angles. For Barcolana 2017, the star attraction of the artwork is obviously the sail, immortalized in all its glorious height, from the from the hull to the tip of the mast, silhouetted on a blue sky in perfect continuity with the sea of Trieste.

About the Collection :

The 49th edition of Barcolana, Trieste's historic sailing regatta, is also the occasion for illycaffè and Maurizio Galimberti to unveil their preview of the latest illy Art Collection, designed by the photographer: a travel narration which decorates the cup created by Matteo Thun in 1991 with several iconic locations in the cities of Trieste, Venice, Milan, Florence, Pisa, and Rome. A perfect journey of style which takes us from the birthplace of illy straight to the capital, under the emblem representing the unique coffee blend which symbolizes Made In Italy throughout the world.

Collection details:

Maurizio Galimberti for the 25 years of the collection of artist’s cups. This exclusive illy Art Collection cup signed by Maurizio Galimberti is dedicated to Trieste representing the Barcolana, historic sailing regatta of the city. It originated from the mosaic that the artist made as the poster for the event. The sails of the racing boats become fragments of white, creating an emotional writing on the porcelain surface. The celebration of the long-standing collaboration between illy and Maurizio Galimberti takes place in Europe’s leading port for coffee and historical home of illy. Available as a single espresso cup.

Name collection: : Maurizio Galimberti
Name artist: : Maurizio Galimberti
Introduction year: : 2017
Manufacturer: : Ipa
Type: : Espresso
Number of cups in the series: : 6
Coppies: : ????
Inscription: : illy collection
Signed & numbered: : YES
Special edition: : NO
Other editions: : YES
Note: :