Ron Arad espresso cup 5

Illy art collection 2017
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illy art collection 2017 Ron Arad espresso by Ron Arad

illy art collection 2017 Ron Arad espresso by Ron Arad - cup 5
Ron Arad redesigns iconic illycaffé cups. The British-Israeli designer has teamed up with Italian coffee brand illy to redesign its iconic coffee cups as part of the illy Art Collection. Usually known for his rough, metal-based, industrial designs Ron Arad takes on a different stance for this special collection. Leaving the form intact, the artist reinterprets the cup as a surface, placing abstract shapes on it. The design plays with different colors and imaginary forms. Interestingly, it’s quite different to Ron Arad’s usual style, where he changes the standard shape of objects.

For the creation of this illy Art Collection, artist Ron Arad has played with the idea of what can be found near a coffee cup, He elegantly transforms the memory of a cloth napkin into the sinuous lightness of silk. A light and transparent drape wraps the white porcelain of the illy cup, the result is a design that is both abstract and hauntingly realistic, an echo of something functional yet ornamental.</P>
Name collection: : Ron Arad
Name artist: : Ron Arad
Introduction year: : 2017
Manufacturer: : Ipa
Type: : Espresso
Number of cups in the series: : 6
Coppies: : ????
Inscription: : illy collection
Signed & numbered: : YES
Special edition: : NO
Other editions: : YES
Note: :