Roma Aeterna cappuccino by A.R. Penck - Cup 3

Illy art collection 1997
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illy art collection 1997 Roma Aeterna cappuccino by A.R. Penck - Pentagonum

illy art collection 1997 Roma Aeterna cappuccino by A.R. Penck

The dissident painter and sculptor from East Germany was forced to smuggle his works to West and exhibit them under an assumed name. His strichmannchen (stickmen) are shown in museums worldwide.

A.R. Penck is one of the leading figures of the German Neo-Expressinist movement born in the late seventies and devoted to the manipulation of formal modes of historic expressionism. The rapid brush strokes create an explosive effect and an exaggerated enlargement of forms. This collection features ancient symbols that have accompanied humanity throughout its mysterious journey from cave times to the present: the spiral, the lion, the circle, and the cross. The collection consists of Castrum, Leo, Terra, Oculus, Pentagonum and Pugna.

Name collection: : Roma Aeterna
Name artist: : A.R. Penck
Introduction year: : 1997
Manufacturer: : Mitterteich
Type: : Cappuccino
Number of cups in the series: : 6
Coppies: : ????
Inscription: : illy collection
Signed & numbered: : YES
Special edition: : NO
Other editions: : YES
Note: :