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Designer: Josep Maria Subirachs

Painter, sculptor, engraver, Josep Maria Subirachs has works displayed in the worlds most important museums. With Laietana he wanted to make a gift to Barcelona his home town. The cup is named after the Roman rood that let to Catalonia.

This cup  is the work of eclectic artist Josep Maria Subirachs, internationally know for his art and particularly for his portico sculptures at the cathedral of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Here, on white porcelain, the artist represents the ethereal yet strong face of a Catalan women. Her gaze seems to envelope the cup with warmth, creating a sense of dynamism and innovation, but also a sense of tradition.

Laietana espresso by Josep Maria Subirachs

illy art collection 1998 Laietana espresso by Josep Maria Subirachs