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World Cups Paris

Designer: Robert Rauschenberg

Problems related to copyright Michelin use of the maps themselves, forced to withdraw the cup from the series "world cups", thereby reducing the series itself to five cups and five saucers. The cup is a map of Paris and a saucer of Madrid. The cups had to be withdrawn from production and being destroyed. But not all the illy cups and saucers were destroyed......

Considered one of the fathers of Pop art, Robert Rauschenberg is undoubtedly one of the most important figures of contemporary art. In 1964 he was the first American to win the Grand Prix of the Venice Biennial Exhibit.

Robert Rauschenberg ,one of te main figures of American Pop Art, fixed his gaze one simple maps of great cities. With five cups and saucers he takes us on a journey from the city blocks of Manhattan to the avenues of Moscow, from Rio to Rome, and from the broad arteries of Mexico City to Beijing.

World Cups Paris espresso by Robert Rauschenberg

illy art collection 1998 World Cups Paris espresso by Robert Rauschenberg - Paris - Madrid