illy art collection 1997 venexia white luca trazzi -1997_

VeneXia white

Designer: Luca Trazzi

VeneXia  available in three versions, white, platinum and gold, was created in a very limited edition for the 47th Venice Biennial Exhibition of Visual Arts, which was sponsored by illy. the package created for VeneXia was the first of the special collections, specifically designed for unique events and exhibitions.

This Venetian architect manages to profoundly understand and interpret a coffee cup, or rather, a series of cups: Gold, Platinum and White, presented on the occasion of the 1997 Venice Biennale. VeneXia and its author thus memorialize end of the millennium Venetian culture and its past splendor.

VeneXia white espresso by Luca Trazzi

illy art collection 1997 VeneXia white espresso by Luca Trazzi