Julian Schnabel mug

Designer: Julian Schnabel
Schnabel's series of seven porcelain cups and saucers for illy features his longtime inspiration, the surfer-character Chuck. There are five espresso cups, each labeled for a different weekday, and each sporting Chuck wearing a new expression. In keeping with the surfer theme, the espresso collection package is shaped like a life-preserver. The "Saturday" and "Sunday" cups are full-size mugs, again featuring Chuck, suggesting more time to relax and enjoy a cup of illy.

New York-born Julian Schnabel is best known for his leading role in the mid-1980's neo-expressionism movement, where bold, emotionally-charged work contrasted with the minimalism dominant at the time. In addition to his physical creations, Schnabel wrote and directed two films: Basquiat (1996) and Before Night Falls (2000). His seven cup series joins illy Collection Creations by James Rosenquist, Jeff Koons, Francis Ford Coppola and other prominent artists.

Julian Schnabel's series of five espresso cups and saucers are inspired by, the surfer-themed character named Chuck. The cups, show different moods with different expressions, one for each working day of the week. For Saterday and Sunday he decorated two mugs.

Keeping with the surf theme, the espresso cups come packaged in a Schnabel-designed life preserver. The complete collection was available for the first time at www.illyusa.com after a formal introduction at a birthday celebration for Schnabel at Galleria illy on October 26th, 2005.