In Principio India Limited edition

Designer: Sebastiao Salgado

Sebastião Salgado is acknowledged as one of the world's greatest humanitarian and social photographers. All his work is in black and white and typically celebrates the equal dignity of all people and protests the violation of this basic right by wars, poverty and other injustices. Salgado is founder of the Terra Institute in Brazil, an educational and social project for reforestation and the ecological training of farmers.

Like the first "In Principio" illy collection cup, this second one is a product of the collaboration between the Brazilian photographer Sebastiao Salgado and illy.
October 2004. illycaffe¨ presents the second illy collection signed by Sebastiao Salgado in occasion of his exhibition IN PRINCIPIO (In the Beginning) at La Chapelle de L'Humanit in Paris (21 October/ 14 November). Just a shame that you could not buy the cup at the exhibition. But again, the cup will be in a set containing a 250-gr. pack of coffee and a book writen in English, Italian or French. The package is just a little different.

In Principio India by Sebastiao Salgado espresso Limited edition

illy art collection 2004 In Principio India by Sebastiao Salgado espresso Limited edition